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Krill in combination with fish meal, fish oil and animal protein, make the Red halibut pellets very attractive for catfish, carp, but also other minnows.

Red Halibut is very effective thanks to the unique smell and taste of this bait. This halibut food has been favored by many specimen hunting catfish and carp fishing for several years. Long-term water stability Thanks to the balanced composition and attention to the physical properties of Black Halibut, breakage, not uncommon with this type of product, is minimized. This product also remains intact hours after insertion. This allows you to fish with the same bait for a long time and prevents small fish from escaping with your carefully placed bait.

The attractants are released into the water with a direct and long-lasting effect. Red Halibut is the ideal product for the serious angler. The small sizes Halibut are very suitable for barbel fishing as well as for carp and crucian ponds.

  • Stable in water for 1-2 hours
  • Attractive
  • Sinking
  • Feed for feeders

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