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The perfect bait for surface fishing are these 9mm floating pellets from Visaasonline. The big advantage of these pellets is that they are immediately recognized as food by the fish and are therefore quickly picked up. They are also easy to feed from a distance with a catapult up to 25 meters and with a spomb up to 100 meters. We fish them on a hair by pre-drilling them or with a zigrubber such as those from Fox, Korda and Trakker directly on the hook shank. Depending on the temperature, the pellets retain their buoyancy for approximately 2 hours.

The pellets are packed in bags of 3.6 and 9 liters. Our experience is that if there is a lot of wind or the fish is loose, a lot of food can go through in a short time. So take this into account as well.

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