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The Turkish Smelt is an ideal bait fish because of its unmistakable cucumber scent. The fact that it is a sturdy fish makes it easy to attach to hoists and fireballs and easy to throw away. With this bait fish it is even possible to catch thick fish in dressage waters while others have a hard day to get a bite. In addition, our predators see the smelt as a natural bait, which makes it indispensable when fishing for pike and zander.

Quantity: approx. 100 Gr 30 pieces

Quantity: approx. 250 Gr 70 pieces

Weight: 100 & 250 Grams

General information:
This product is delivered to you by our regular Delivery Service in a cooled EPS box. Because these bait fish are sent to you frozen, this product is always delivered to you 100% fresh. It is possible to collect this product by appointment at our pick-up locations in Amsterdam / Nieuw Vennep. 

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